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Maintains the natural balance

Respiratory humidification can play an important part in the treatment of your respiratory illness

Many Respiratory illness' will effect the performance of your lungs and reduce the ability to effectively oxygenate your body especially when under exercise stress.

At the beginning of your airway journey  air will travel through your nose, the natural humidification system, and it will heat and moisten the air as it travels to the lungs, when you overload this system with increased airflow and increased air pressure your body can struggle to cope with the drying effects of the air on your lungs. If it is necessary to bypass your nose altogether through a tracheotomy  the effect of cool dryer air will have an even greater drying effect on your lungs.

By introducing a heated humidifier to your ventilator we can increase comfort and help your lungs work more effectively. You can deliver humidified air direct through a passive humidification to aid in the efficiency and performance of your lungs or supplement the ventilation driven air supply to your airway with enriched humidified air.