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F&P 810

Maintaining the natural balance

It is able to deliver increased levels of humidity and reduce condensation (rain out) compared to that provided by non-heated alternatives; improving patient care and outcomes. The F&P 810 Humidification System, from the developers of ThermoSmart™ technology, is designed to deliver increased humidity while reducing condensate, it incorporates the:

  • F&P MR810 Heated Humidifier

  • F&P Evatherm Heated Breathing Tube provides a solution to humidity and condensate.


Physiological Humidity

The goal of airway humidification is to maintain and support the normal physiological environment in the airways. Healthy individuals breathing in ambient air, e.g. 22°C, 7mg/L, warm and humidify the air to an average of 31°C, 32 mg/L with nasal breathing at the pharynx.

Patients on NIV breathe at much higher pressures and flows than normal. They often have compromised airways, due to the nature of their respiratory failure, and are less efficient at warming and humidifying gas.

The F&P 810 Humidification System is designed to deliver physiological humidity, with the aim of making non-invasive ventilation (NIV) a more comfortable experience, increasing tolerance and avoiding complications.

Humidity to Avoid Complications of NIV Therapy

There are several factors associated with NIV that can compromise the patient’s ability to heat and humidify inspired air. These include :

  • Secretion removal problems

  • Oral breathing to reduce work of breathing

Providing physiological humidity aims to minimize these complications.

Humidity to Increase Patient Tolerance

Lack of comfort due to low humidification and related complications can lead to poor patient compliance and therefore loss of effectiveness. By heating and humidifying the gas flow to physiological levels, airway drying is minimized and secretion clearance is improved. This reduces airway resistance and leads to improved comfort and increased tolerance to NIV, making NIV more effective.

The F&P810 Humidification System

Consists of the F&P MR850 Heated Humidifier and the F&P Evatherm Heated Breathing Tube. It is designed to deliver improved humidity while reducing condensation, using technology similar to ThermoSmart™ in CPAP devices, in NIV therapy applications.

ThermoSmart technology in CPAP devices is the culmination of 45 years of experience as pioneers of heated humidification technology, first in intensive care and later in CPAP settings. It has been developed to deliver heated humidification at physiological levels while sensing and responding to changing environmental conditions.

Delivering Humidity

The MR810 Heated Humidifier can operate at three temperature and humidity levels, with the high setting providing increased levels of humidity. The F&P Evatherm Heated Tube can deliver higher levels of humidity than non-heated alternatives. When the two components work together in synergy, the F&P 810 Humidification System meets its objective of delivering physiological levels of humidity.

F&P MR810 Heated Humidifier

Designed for use with non-invasive ventilation and face mask oxygen, and working in synergy with the F&P Evatherm Breathing Tube, the F&P MR810 delivers a comfortable level of humidity to improve patient tolerance.

  • An active heated humidifier with the capacity to deliver physiological levels of humidity, when used in synergy with the F&P Evatherm Heated Tube.
  • There are three incremental temperature levels (low, medium, high), allowing adjustment of the temperature and humidity for patient comfort. The humidity delivered is within ranges appropriate for face mask oxygen, non-invasive ventilation and to increase patient tolerance.
  • A temperature sensor monitors room temperature to allow the humidifier to respond to changing conditions for better condensation control.
  • The end of the heater wire adaptor is permanently attached to the MR810 with only one connection, ensuring the heater wire adaptor is not misplaced.

F&P Evatherm

  • Developed as a component of the F&P 810 System, F& P Evatherm is a heated- wall, reusable tube that ensures high levels of humidity are delivered to the patient while significantly reducing condensation.
  • A heated breathing tube, retaining heat along the tube so the intended level of humidity reaches the mask and patient, as well as working to minimize condensation.
  • Can be used with many F&P humidification chambers and patient interfaces.
  • Designed to be cleaned and reused.
  • A fully assembled breathing tube that does not require additional temperature probes or adapters.

F&P MR810 Humidifier


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