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Home Ordering Oxygen Form -P

The HOOF-P form has been designed in a digital format in order to enhance the accuracy and speed of delivery of respiratory equipment for your patients

HOOF - P    Order and Prescription Form

The Home Oxygen Order Form is split into two pages. This allows you to accurately choose what products and services are required for your patients. 

This digital form ensures a complete and accurate form to allow the CHO area to process the order and enable Air Liquide Healthcare to provide a safe and complete delivery of equipment on time to your patient.

HOOF - P Page 2

Page two of the HOOF-P allows you to sign the form and provide additional information for Air Liquide Healthcare to enable us to provide a safe and informed delivery of services to your patient.

Patient Consent

Here you will get consent for use of the oxygen equipment by the service user and also acknowledgement and advice regarding ordering and removing oxygen for safety and appropriate use.

Ordering Oxygen Safely

Safe use of oxygen should be discussed with the new service user.

While Air Liquide carry out a safety assessment in the home of the new service user it is always important to ensure that you are prescribing oxygen into a safe location where the end user and associated living partners and visitors are aware of the safety risk and what is aprt of their responsibility.

Frequantly Asked Questions

Who are Air Liquide Healthcare?

Air Liquide Healthcare has been providing oxygen services in Ireland for over 30 years. We also supply NIV, Sleep, Cough Assist, Aerosol and patient monitoring devices. We are committed to delivering outstanding services. Our team consists of 80+ local staff with over 350 year's industry experience collectively. Our staff include a 24/7 patient support centre, a dedicated therapy compliance team along with qualified nurses and technicians spread across the entire island of Ireland. We have been awarded the contract to supply HSE Home Oxygen Services in CHO Areas 1,2,3 & 7,8, 9.

What is the structure of the contract?

The HSE divided Ireland into three regions (A,B &C) spread over nine CHO areas with one company allowed a maximum of two areas.


When does the contract commence?

The tender officially commences on 1st May 2024 and 1st June for Liquid Oxygen services.


How long does the contract last?

Three to five years.


What regions do Air Liquide Healthcare cover?

Air Liquide provide services in areas / counties marked in green CHO 1,2,3 & 7,8,9.

Area A
Area B


What regions do Air Liquide Healthcare not cover?

Vivisol provides services in the areas marked in yellow which covers CHO areas 4,5 & 6.

Area C

What are the changes within the new contract?

Oxygen is now supplied by ordering via a HOOF-P form (Home Oxygen Order Form-Prescription) with the HSE assigning new packages and contracted pricing for each product category. The HOOF-P will be available on the HSE CSF website:…

All pre-existing order forms will be obsolete from 1st May.


What are the packages?

There are 29 packages in total to choose from. Please see the list attached which details what each package entails. There are now three delivery options: Three Day, Next Day and Same Day install. Same day installations will incur an additional charge. This will need to be escalated to the PCCC and our customer service team directly in order to ensure delivery.N:B Same day is only to be selected for urgent installs only. Orders will only be accepted with an approved PO, ideally urgent orders need to be received before 11:30 am. It is advised to contact our Customer Service Team to notify us of request/urgency. All orders for oxygen must be sent to the relevant CHO office for approval.


What else is included in the new contract?

All new oxygen users will receive a follow up call within 2 weeks of commencing therapy. 

Airvo heated humidification (High Flow therapy) is included and should be prescribed as appropriate through the specific order form. 

What is a HOOF-P and Airvo Prescription?

All order forms are now electronic. It is advised to process these via digital means. This is a Home Oxygen Order Form with Prescription that includes the oxygen flow rate, therapy hours and package(s) to be selected for each patient.

A new form is also available for order of home Airvo.

A new HOOF-P form will be required annually for all patients.

All Oxygen and Airvo orders should be sent to the secure email provided by the HSE


Where do we get a copy of the HOOF-P / Airvo Prescription?

This will be available through the HSE CSF website. We have also added it to our website.…

All pre-existing order forms will be obsolete from 1st May.


Can we fill in the HOOF-P by hand?

This form should be completed digitally. The HOOF-P is an interactive document which will reduce the chance of errors on the order form and improve efficiency of service delivery.

If it must be filled by hand, you must fill in all of the required fields appropriately including medical card number and Eircode.


Can I use my old oxygen order form if I dont have the digital form to hand? 

Unfortunately this is not possible. Upon contract commencement, on the 1st May the HSE stipulated that all new home oxygen orders must be placed on the new HOOF-P form. Should Air Liquide Healthcare receive an order for oxygen on any other form, we will be required to go back to the prescriber with a copy of the New HOOF-P. We are unable to process any order using the new contracted packages and pricing if the new form is not used.


What is the process for ordering?

For medical card clients

A HOOF-P form must be submitted with the selected package or packages. All HOOF-P forms must be sent to the relevant CHO office for processing, this will then be sent to Air Liquide with a purchase order number for processing and installation.

All oxygen orders should be sent to the secure email provided by the HSE


For self funding clients a HOOF-P can be forwarded directly to Air Liquide.


From 2025 onwards a Healthcare Portal will facilitate safe ordering of all products on this Tender. We will make contact with all centres when this has been approved for use by the HSE.


How do we order Holiday Oxygen?

Holiday Oxygen must be requested and approved by the CHO area that your patient is visiting. Holiday Oxygen can be ordered on the same HOOF-P Form. Please note holiday oxygen applies to oxygen supported in the ROI.


When will Liquid Oxygen be available?

We anticipate LOX being available by June 1st 2024.


What needs to be taken into account when considering LOX?

LOX needs to be considered very carefully for your patients. LOX is a suitable modality for users with high oxygen needs, a safe home environment and where the user has cognitive and manual dexterity to manage safely.


What are the safety considerations with LOX?

LOX is a complicated product range for multiple reasons and should be carefully considered. Things to consider before prescribing LOX include:                                 

1. Have other systems been trialled eg POC/TOC

2. Cognitive ability of the user

3. Dexterity of the user to be able to self manage/fill

4. Safe residential dwelling with proper access

5. Social environment 


How can we order additional cylinders for patients?

This is covered in the HOOF-P instructions. Additional cylinders over 12 should be ordered in the free format text box at the bottom of the packages section.


How do we transfer patients from an existing supplier to services provided by Air Liquide

This patient is treated as a new patient with Air Liquide. We will require a new HOOF-P form to be sent to the HSE for approval as per the above process already outlined.


What are the considerations around high-users of portable oxygen?

To avoid a patient requiring a high volume of cylinders and the safety issues around storage of these cylinders, it is requested that other forms of portable oxygen are considered should your patient be suitable such as POC or TOC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator or Transportable Oxygen Concentrator). For a patient who requires 30+ cylinders, the HSE requests LOX to be considered should the patient and their home environment be suitable. We are happy to discuss with you.

How can I contact Air Liquide Healthcare?

Please contact us via our Freephone number 1800 24 02 02. 

You can also email us on

Alternatively you can contact us through our website at or All oxygen orders should be sent to the secure email provided by the HSE

Who are the people in Air Liquide that look after my area?

Air Liquide has a team of over 80+ people covering all aspects of our business. 

Our team of Regional Managers are:

Sonia Morrisson - North East & North Dublin

Niall Byrne - Eastern and Midlands Region

Jimmy Cooney - Western region

Our team is available to help with any issues and hope to meet with you soon to discuss and/or run workshops.