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Helping you to breathe more easily

A Nebuliser is a machine that helps you to inhale a medicine as a fine mist through a mask or a mouthpiece, helping to get the prescribed drug into your lungs.

A standard  air compressor nebuliser comes in four parts: 

  1. An air compressor (the nebuliser machine)
  2. A small plastic container (the nebuliser chamber)
  3. A length of tubing
  4. A face mask or mouthpiece interface

The compressor forces air through liquid medicine that sits in the nebuliser chamber. This turns the liquid medicine into a fine mist. The mist is inhaled via the face mask or mouthpiece. 

An ultrasonic nebuliser is a small quiet handheld nebuliser that will use a mesh device and ultrasonic waves to turn your prescribed medicine into a fine mist helping to deposit the drug directly into your lungs. This is inhaled through either a mask or mouthpiece interface as desired.