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Our Sleep Apnoea Solutions

Adaptation Program in 3 stages

Effective sleep apnoea treatment can quickly improve your quality of daily life. Getting started with your CPAP device isn't always easy, but Air Liquide Healthcare guides you through each step so you can get the most out of your therapy and get back to living your life to the full.

We select with you...

Since having the right mask is essential for the comfort and effectiveness of your treatment, we will take the time to fit you with a mask that suits your needs and you find comfortable.


We adapt your therapy...

In order to get the best start to your CPAP therapy journey, we provide guidance on Sleep Apnoea and its consequences, the treatment and its benefits.

We offer the leading CPAP service in Ireland as ranked by the HSE 


We are here for you...

Along with sleep diagnostics and monitoring, through our cloud based services and our compliance team we keep in close contact with you. We monitor your therapy and adjust it if necessary after talking to your doctor.


HSE Ranked Number One supplier !

Air Liquide Healthcare Ireland have been ranked the Number One supplier for the HSE , this means that If you have a medical card the HSE have chosen us as their preferred Home CPAP provider.

  • Your initiation to therapy will be carried out by our dedicated team of Nurses & Patient Care Specialists.
  • You will have specialist follow up from our Compliance and Adherence team.
  • A 24 /7 support service for your equipment in the event of a breakdown.
  • Top of the range equipment, masks and consumables with remote compliance and cloud based services.
  • We offer Special education webinar sessions with guest speakers based on topics suggested by our consultation with You.

As a non medical card holder you will also have the choice for Air Liquide Healthcare Ireland to provide you with your CPAP service, a market leader in the provision of a treatment of sleep apnoea and be provided a service that will work for you.