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About us

We provide healthcare products and services that help protect vulnerable lives across the country

Our History

Air Liquide Healthcare have been working in Ireland since 2015 providing respiratory services and equipment to the HSE, hospitals and the public all over Ireland.

But .... before Air Liquide Healthcare came to Ireland we were known as MGI (Medical Gases Ireland) who introduced the first oxygen concentrator and the first CPAP and BiPAP devices for treatment of sleep apnoea and type 2 respiratory failure in Ireland.

The Business transitioned through two different owners and we now operate as the Air Liquide Group. 

We have continued to grow both in numbers of employees and healthcare services offered where we now employ over 80 people in the local Irish and Northern Irish regions with respiratory and medical services around the entire island of Ireland.


Our Dream is to bring value

to our patients and our healthcare system.


Air Liquide Healthcare Ireland provides healthcare products and services that help protect vulnerable lives across the country. Owned by the Air Liquide Santé organisation, providing a world class global infrastructure serving over 1.8 million patients worldwide.

We believe the ultimate aim of respiratory therapy services must be to allow patients with serious conditions to maintain their independence and overall quality of life, by delivering compassionate, empathetic and safe services, whether at the beginning, middle or end of life of a patient. We have a history of leadership, with patient safety as our first priority, and repeatedly raised the bar in delivering services that ultimately enhance patients’ quality of life.

With over 30 years experience in Ireland, we are committed to delivering outstanding services and value and are dedicated to supplying home oxygen, sleep and respiratory ventilation services and more recently diabetes. Our team consists of 80+ local staff, with over 350 year’s industry experience collectively. Our staff include a 24/7 patient support centre, a dedicated therapy compliance team along with qualified nurses and technicians spread across the entire island of Ireland.

Our tailored services suit our patients’ lifestyles and complex health needs. We provide patients and clinicians with the information they require to make educated and informed decisions about care options.

Value Based Healthcare

Our Dream is to bring value  to our patients and our healthcare system.

Healthcare should be driven by a constant focus on delivering outcomes that truly matter to patients.  Because there are more of us, because we live longer, because today diseases last, because health has a cost, we need to change the way we care.

The definition of value in healthcare is outcomes that matter to patients divided by the cost to achieve these outcomes.

Bringing value to the services we provide from delivering equipment to visits to a patient's home to the level of care and follow up we provide to our patients. Putting the patient at the centre of the care we deliver.

Value based healthcare is not about saving money but about providing the appropriate care at the most efficient and effective cost.

Changing care is all about you with Air Liquide by your side.

Historical Equipment

Equipments that were part of our history and today we celebrate the evolution and technology inspired by patients needs.