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Auto pressure support for periodic breathing

Patients with complex sleep apnoea often demonstrate periodic breathing patterns. Our clinically proven servo-ventilation algorithm is designed to adjust pressure support accordingly to stabilize breathing and deliver the minimum level of mechanical intervention.

Auto back-up rate to treat central events

In the presence of central events, it is important to deliver sufficient ventilation while still allowing natural pauses in breathing. Our BiPAP autoSV’s auto back-up rate is designed to provide support during central apnoeas while encouraging spontaneous breathing.


  • Auto EPAP for upper airways patency: our patented DreamStation BiPAP autoSV features an auto EPAP algorithm designed to keep the upper airways open. This algorithm responds to obstructive events and proactively searches for the lowest possible therapy pressure.
  • Powerful patient-driven design: designed for ease of use with feedback from hundreds of patients, DreamStation incorporates smart features like a patient-facing color screen, and a sleek, low-profile design.
  • Support for long-term use: DreamStation includes features such as Daily Progress Feedback and DreamMapper patient self-management system to help sleep apnoea patients start therapy and stay motivated for the long term.
  • Designed to create efficiency: with remote troubleshooting tools like Performance Check, and connectivity options including Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and cellular, DreamStation can help reduce costly home visits and let you focus your attention where it needs to be.

Dreamstation Bipap AutoSV Brochure


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