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Travelling with oxygen

Planning is key

It is possible to travel and go on holiday but it is important to plan your trip in advance. Also remember you may be charged for some services.

  • ALWAYS seek medical advice before planning your travel.
  • Try to plan trips at least four weeks before departure.
  • Discuss your needs with your travel agent.
  • Portable cylinders are generally not accepted by airlines for travel. Discuss options with your prescriber.
  • ALWAYS take details of your prescription with you and any other accessories you might need.
  • You can use portable cylinders when you are travelling (except on board an aircraft). Check how long they will last and plan what to do in an emergency.

We shall not be liable for any use, support or maintenance of equipment whilst it is outside Ireland.

Travelling abroad

If you are travelling abroad within the EU, make sure you get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
If you are planning to travel by aeroplane, contact the travel company to check the availability and cost of oxygen supplied by the airline. Also check the restrictions on carrying oxygen equipment on board the aircraft. Plan your continuous/night time supply at your destination. Research your destination in advance of travel.

Travelling to the UK

If you need oxygen while you are travelling to the UK, Air Liquide UK may be able to provide a private holiday oxygen service, you can contact them on +44 (0)330 123 5469.

For more information on other destinations contact our helpline on 1800 240202.

Useful contacts

Please note that Air Liquide Healthcare are independent of the following named companies. We can offer no guarantees as to the reliability or safety of any equipment supplied by other companies.

We do not endorse or recommend any specific company.

Oxygen Worldwide

Can arrange supplies worldwide
Tel: (0034) 966 882 873
Fax: (0034) 966 882 855

Omega Advanced Aeromedical UK

Cruise/airport oxygen assistance, overland tour oxygen, medical escorts.
Contact: Bill Quantrill
Tel: (0044) 345 100 0084

Travelling with a portable/transportable concentrator

  •  All airlines have their own policies regarding travel with oxygen. You should check with your individual carrier to find out about their procedure. If you are authorised to take a portable/transportable concentrator, you must arrange a back-up supply of oxygen in case of machine failure. You may also need to carry additional batteries for your journey.
  • Part of your agreement with us is that you are responsible for the loss or damage of any equipment on rental to you. We strongly recommend that you take out suitable travel insurance to cover yourself. Portable/ transportable concentrators are very expensive - don’t leave it to chance. Read sections 9 and 10 of your terms and conditions for more information.
  • Your rental agreement is with us and if you take your portable/transportable concentrator out of the country we cannot support you if the device malfunctions. If your device fails you may need to arrange an emergency rental of equipment from a local company, this can be costly. You should research your destination and arrange a supply of oxygen at your destination before travelling.
  • You need to satisfy yourself that here will be a suitable supply of electricity at your destination. Also countries use different sockets to connect to their power supply. Ensure that you have a compatible power plug adapter.