Going On Holiday

Find FAQ’s Regarding Sleep Apnoea Patients and Their Holidays Here...

Sleep Apnoea On Holiday

Can I go out on holidays if I’m a sleep apnoea patient? 
Yes, you can, but please take into account the guidance below.

Should I stop using my CPAP device if I go on holidays?
No, as you know from your prescriber and care provider, you shouldn’t stop using your device unless directed by your prescriber.

How should I transport the device?
Travel with the bag you’ve received from your care provider bringing with it the device and all accessories to include: wi-fi modem, mask, tubes, filters, humidifiers, user manuals, your prescription copy and other elements you may need.

What should I take into account prior to travel?             

  • Prior to your travel, you should:
  • Contact your Care provider and let them know your holidays period. This can be of a great help in case any service is expected for you during that period
  • Contact your Prescriber in case they need to give you some specific information or advice.
  • inform your airline if you intend to use the device while travelling
  • If bringing a battery, provide this information to your airline also.

Regarding your destination:

  •  Ensure that you have a compatible plug/ adapter related to your destination if travelling abroad.
  • Ensure the electricity system of your destination is compatible with your plug. E.g. USA power network is compatible in terms of plug-in, but the voltage is different.
  • Ensure that you have an adequate power source so that the machine works correctly. E.g. If going camping, or to a caravan, Do you have access to a socket/ external battery supply?4. Check for Wi-fi in your destination in case you are utilising remote monitoring. By keeping connection with your Wi-fi your updated use information will be available for your prescriber. Don't worry if WiFi is not available, your device will update when next connected to WiFi
  • If going abroad, have a copy of your prescription as it may help you in case of a potential issue.
  • Have a contact of a Home Care company in your destination country. You can find in the countries listed below where Air Liquide provides service, their phone number and associated webpage.

What if I am taking a long-haul flight?
Please find below some recommendations to travelling on an airplane that must be taken into account in order to ensure a pleasant flight.

Contact your airline for information regarding travelling with your medical device

  • Some devices are fine for being brought inside the cabin, but that doesn’t apply to all devices, or the ability to be linked to humidifiers should you have one prescribed.
  • We recommend carrying the device in its bespoke CPAP bag, and that the device is taken into the cabin with you whether you plan to use it for your flight or not. This is to protect it from transport damage.
  • If required, Air Liquide can provide you with a travel letter in English specifying the purpose of the device
  • If needed Air Liquide can put you in contact with other Air Liquide affiliates that will kindly give you service during your period