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BiPAP A40 Pro

Reduce patient setup times

Treatment for even the most complex patients

Many complex NIV patients have worsening respiratory drives and require sensitive ventilation systems. BiPAP A40 Pro can titrate for the smallest (10 kg) and weakest patients (those with neuromuscular diseases) effectively and automatically. Now, you can treat your patients through a variety of proven, clinically advanced therapies and functions built into a single bi-level ventilator.


Proven therapies for hypoventilation, sleep overlap disorders, breath and leak control

The BiPAP A40 Pro treats patients suffering from respiratory insufficiency through clinically proven technologies – AVAPS that automatically provides treatment for PaCO2 reduction¹, AVAPS-AE provides adequate control of nocturnal hypoventilation and upper airway obstructions, as well as enhancing sleep efficiency and non-invasive ventilation (NIV) adherence². Automated Airway Management (AAM) treats overlapping breathing syndromes in bi-level patients and Visual Leak that provides a real-time visual colour indicator of the patient’s total circuit leak value, so patients can better understand and manage leaks for more consistent therapy, comfort, and mask fit.

Remotely monitor and manage therapy

BiPAP A40 Pro connects to Philips Care Orchestrator to enable more targeted and efficient patient management. It turns longitudinal data into actionable insights, empowers care providers to prioritize interventions and lets your team anticipate and resolve most patient concerns remotely. With Care Orchestrator, you have more actionable treatment information in your hands. Alternatively, you can have essential patient information delivered to your desktop through an SD card download via Care Orchestrator Essence.


BiPAP A40 Pro - a non-invasive ventilator for all patient types

Now, with the BiPAP A40 Pro, you can treat your patients through a variety of proven, clinically advanced therapies and functions built into a single bi-level ventilator that ranges from; Adult and paediatric (not life support), obstructive sleep apnoea, chronic respiratory insufficiency, neuromuscular diseases, restrictive and obstructive pulmonary disorders, obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS), chest wall deformities and trauma.


Optimizing patient management and care

The BiPAP A40 Pro is built to connect and integrate with diagnostic equipment to patient data management system. BiPAP A40 Pro auto-integrates with sleep lab and home diagnostic systems, as well as with the Philips Respironics Care Orchestrator platform, so you can coordinate care and resolve patient concerns efficiently and remotely.


BiPAP A40 Pro Brochure


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